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Thursday, October 25, 2018

DIY Mini Felt Pumpkins

DIY Mini Felt Pumpkins
photo by americanfeltandcraft.wordpress.com

Are you looking for a fun craft project to do now that fall is here? Halloween is coming up and you are more than likely going to put up some decorations. If you have a bit of fabric you want to use, then make some decorative DIY mini felt pumpkins.

Making a set of DIY mini felt pumpkins will not be that hard to do, but it is kind of time consuming. You will need to use a needle and thread to create your mini pumpkin. Orange fabric will be used for the project, as will embroidery thread. Make sure the thread matches your fabric.

Your DIY mini felt pumpkins can be filled with a cotton or even rice. Once the body is filled, you need to make and attach the stem. The stem can be glued into place or you can stitch it on. Adding a tag may be an option too, if you are making a homemade gift. Instructions to make DIY mini felt pumpkins are on americanfeltandcraft.wordpress.com here…

DIY Mini Felt Pumpkins