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Thursday, May 31, 2018

DIY Bitcoin Mining RIg

Photo by PCGamer.com

Are you using an older computer system for your bitcoin mining needs, but realizing you need more to see better results. One option is to look for a high-end gaming system that has the processing power for the task. Another option is to build your own DIY bitcoin mining rig.

Building a DIY bitcoin mining rig is not all that different from building a custom computer. A rig for bitcoin mining is just more powerful. Just keep in mind that the cost of the components may be more than you anticipate. You will need a case or frame, a motherboard, a CPU, RAM, hard drive, and graphics card.

A great way to start is to look for components off of a used machine. This will reduce costs depending on what you have available. The best DIY bitcoin mining rig is one that can run reliably without being too costly to build.

The instructions to build your own DIY bitcoin mining rig can be found on pcgamer.com here...

DIY Bitcoin Mining Rig